de Speville and Associates anti-corruption consultants
de Speville and Associates Anti-Corruption Consultants


Anticorruption Review and Risk Analysis Consultants

Firm Profile

The induction and training of anticorruption personnel and the assessment of anticorruption agencies are a regular feature of the firm's services.

The firm specialises in fighting public and private sector corruption. Established in 1996, it advises governments, international institutions, public and private sector corporations, and non-governmental organisations on good governance, anticorruption prevention strategy and policies, public perception and attitude surveys on corruption, codes of conduct and corporate conduct guidance, systemic corruption prevention and community-wide anticorruption education in good governance, and in political funding.

News and Articles

  • Please click here to read a July 2012 interview on anticorruption with Betrand de Speville.
  • Overcoming Corruption - The Essentials please click here for more information on this book.

Client Base

National Governments

Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar, Namibia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Thailand, China, Poland, Lesotho, Ghana, Sri Lanka, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Mongolia, Georgia, Latvia, Romania, Kosovo, Indonesia, Lebanon, Albania, Andhra Pradesh, Lithuania, Orissa, Serbia, Mauritius, Trinidad & Tobago, East Timor, Pakistan, Russia, Macedonia, Croatia, Cambodia, Palestinian Authority, Montenegro, Moldova, Gabon, Jamaica, Taiwan, Aceh, Armenia, Cape Verde, Botswana, Ukraine.

International Institutions

World Bank, United Nations, Asian Development Bank, African Development Bank, UNDP, Council of Europe, European Commission, OECD, The Commonwealth, UN Centre for International Crime Prevention

Public and Private Sector Corporations

A national corruption prevention service
A multinational law firm
An international political and security risks management group
An international nuclear waste disposal consultancy
An umbrella organisation representing the business sector

Non-Governmental Organisations

Transparency International
International Development Law Institute
Royal Institute of International Affairs
Royal Institute of Public Administration
The Carter Centre
African Economic Research Council

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